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How to Use Sand Blast Equipment

How to Use Sand Blast Equipment

Pneumatic and stress washer Sand Blasting Machine  may maybe be accustomed to cut back rust and paint from many surfaces. producing utilization of the sand blaster entails pre-operation, preparing the purpose product and executing the common blasting job. the procedure will often entail gun upkeep when you go. troubles using the procedure may maybe relate in the direction of gun not shutting away and sputtering.



put together the purpose product by stuffing rags into openings that you simply don't want inundated by abrasives, for example, when sandblasting engine apparel like a carburetor. Connect the oxygen hose, if your apparel is pneumatic, and run oxygen by means of the hose for about 10 seconds to obvious it of accumulated dust.

set up in your safety apparel such as goggles, mask and gloves -- the sand blaster will expel and deflect abrasives. choose out an abrasive. bigger grits are for removing substance and more compact grits are for smoothing surfaces. be optimistic the abrasive is dried out before for you start, largely because damp substance will clog the gun. You can often unclog the gun by holding a heavy cloth in the direction of the nozzle and operating the gun.


Turn the sand blaster on and grasp the gun. Blasting results will be also determined from the range you retain the gun using the purpose piece, the quantity of your time you devote blasting the purpose product and pressure. Stand twelve ft using the object, place the gun on the item and squeeze the trigger. quit sand blasting quickly after 30 seconds and inspect the object. once the item is not cleaned, improve the stress and quantity of your time sand blasting and reduce the range using the item or work-piece. Make incremental modifications until the purpose product is clean.

Remove the nozzle and jet, and obvious it out once the sand blasting sputters. remove and obvious the trigger once the gun won't shut off. Tighten the nozzle and substance tube once the sputtering continues.