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Steel Tube Shot Blasting Machine

Steel shot blasting machine

Steel shot blasting machine
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Payment Term: T/T Production Capacity: 200platform
Means of Transport: Ocean Packing: tray
Delivery Date: 30days

We apply this series of shot blasting machines to achieve the clean-up of the steel pipe outer wall, for the following purposes:
(1) removal of the steel pipe on the outer walls black, slag and other attachments, to reveal the true nature of the metal.
(2) the quality of surface cleaning of GB8923 the provisions the cleanliness Sa2.5 level the the GB6060.5 provisions surface roughness Ra12.5 of.
(3) of the pipe after the clean-up can reveal the surface of casting defects, easy to filter out the failed pipe.
(4) to remove the residual stress in the steel manufacturing process to improve the fatigue strength limit of Ductile Iron Pipes and stress corrosion cracking.
(5) to improve and refine steel appearance quality, to improve anti-corrosion protection pipe coating adhesion and permanent resistance to corrosion, impact the service life, improve the binding force of the paint to extend the life of the product
(6) to meet takt time requirements, reduce the labor intensity of clean-up operations.
(7) environmentally friendly initiatives, in line with environmental standards, purification plant surrounding environment, to provide a good room for maneuver.

(a) Noise: 88dB
(b) dust emission: 100mg/m3
(c) to meet the trial standard GBJ4-73 industrial "three wastes" emissions.
This series, shot blasting machine is extremely effective dedicated models for different diameter of the outer wall of shot blasting the steel pipe manufacturing